For years automation in the beverage industry was thought to be feasible only to large companies. But in recent years, small to mid-size beverage companies have begun to realize the cost savings associated with automation particularly in distribution. Schaefer Systems helps beverage producers of all sizes analyze and plan automation in phases based on their current and future needs.

Schaefer provides scalable automated storage and retrieval systems that accommodate varying product and packing sizes as well as SKU proliferation. Through Schaefer’s storage and picking solutions, beverage companies can maximize warehouse space, minimize labor, and provide more efficient delivery increasing their bottom line.

Case Study:

A Future-Orientated Solution for Beverage

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For the well-known Czech brewery Budweiser, SSI SCHAEFER created and implemented a growth-oriented, materials handling concept at the company’s production site. SSI SCHAEFER utilized up-to-date plant technology, RFID integration, and an intricately engineered warehouse management system to significantly increase process reliability.

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