The E-commerce industry has evolved tremendously over the years with increased pressure on manufacturers and distributors to provide shorter delivery times to consumers. Responding to these demands has become easier for hundreds of e-commerce businesses worldwide because of automated logistic solutions provided by Schaefer Systems.

SCHAEFER's automated material handling and picking solutions allow customers the ability to accommodate SKU proliferation and adapt to changes in distribution requirements. Through our state of the art warehouse management software, inventory planning and forecasting is done in real time reducing stock outs. And with Schaefer’s continuous investment in technology, we are the ideal partner to equip you with the best automated solutions for you and your E-commerce business.

Case Study:

Innovative Logistic Solution Provides a Competitive Edge and Optimizes Service Levels

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Josef Witt GmbH is an international textile mail order house. The company runs 75 specialty operations via mail order trade and the internet and focuses primarily on women’s clothing and underwear.

Witt selected SSI Schaefer to design and realize a warehouse solution using RFID technology and the Schaefer Carousel System (SCS). The 25 carousels of the SCS have 38,000 container locations and achieve up to 6,000 inward and outward movements per hour. 

The RFID technology enables SSI Schaefer’s warehouse management software (WMS) to identify the container.  The data acquisition and updating of the data records is carried out in fractions of a second.

The seamless interaction between the automation areas (control, registration and article flow) is a trailblazing model for innovative and future-oriented solutions in warehouse automation.

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