The manufacturing and distribution of clothes requires a lot of manual handling; therefore, the need for a larger workforce has been a major component of the garment industry for years. The introduction of automation into the distribution warehouse has been critical in driving down costs and delivery times in the garment industry and compensating for an inadequate supply of qualified workers.

With a continuous investment into research & development and new technologies, SSI SCHAEFER is a major player in the automation of distribution in the garment industry. By providing solutions for single piece hanging and flat pack, plus full case picking such as robotic handling and automated transfer & order fulfillment systems, SCHAEFER has provided customers in the garment marketplace the competitive edge needed to operate with a smaller staff, increase order production, and remain profitable.

Case Study:

Strategic Repositioning of a Giant Dutch Retailer

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V&D, short for Vroom and Dreesmann, is one of the largest department store chains in The Netherlands. The company was founded in 1887 by Anton Dreesmann and Willem Vroom.

In order to become the multi-channel (stores and e-commerce) distribution retailer that it is today, V&D was compelled to reorganize its distribution process. Thus, the company decided to bring the activities of the distribution centers in Utrecht and Amsterdam into one scalable DC located in Nieuwegein.

V&D chose to work with SSI SCHAEFER early on due to the great planning and consulting that the SSI SCHAEFER experts provided especially in terms of data analysis. Both companies worked closely together to develop a solution that not only would answer V&D’s requirements in terms of performance, but also took into consideration any future changes that might occur.

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