In the field of life sciences, accuracy in order fulfillment is a top priority for manufacturing and distribution centers across the nation. Through SSI SCHAEFER’s patented picking processes, we provide the highest quality automated, semi-automated and paperless solutions that increase throughput and picking efficiencies.

From pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, SCHAEFER solutions adapt to the high SKU requirements found in the life sciences market. And with the workforce demand far exceeding the availability of qualified workers typical in these markets, automated solutions are critical to accurate order fulfillment and expeditious delivery.

Client Testimonial

"SSI SCHAEFER provided a systems approach which included all aspects of material handling, goods-to-man and fully automated picking methods. This integrated design allowed Swanson Health Products to develop a relationship with one supplier in order to maximize productivity, increase throughput and most importantly improve customer service levels."

Terry Kraft,
Director of Operations
Swanson Health Products

Case Study:

Swanson Health Products

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In 2006 Swanson Health Products (SHP) turned to SSI SCHAEFER’s expertise in leading distribution technologies in order to undergo a remodeling of its order picking processes at the Fargo facility. The decision came in the wake of a significant growth in market demand which resulted in a rapid expansion of the product range.

In this competitive market, SHP was compelled to reorganize its warehouse to offer optimal quantities with a high service level and short delivery times, and to optimize the distribution service process.

The success of the first project that resulted in the flawless installation of an SSI SCHAEFER Carousel System convinced SHP to choose SSI SCHAEFER as a long term partner to help the company increase the efficiency and the capacity of its warehouse step by step.

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