Logistic automation in retail is the key to sustainable success in this highly competitive and complex market. With hundreds of successful automation projects worldwide, SCHAEFER has been able to provide customers with the flexibility needed to keep up with SKU proliferation as well as the reductions in order cycle times required to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Automation provides our customers a real time inventory analysis to forecast more effectively which leads to better replenishment planning and virtually eliminate stock outs. Most importantly, we provide our customers an automated system solution that is adaptable to the ever changing requirements that occur in the retail industry.

Case Study:

High Performance Picking System

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Office Depot is one of the world’s leading suppliers of office supplies, office machines, computers, computer software, office furniture, and other business products and services. Incoming orders to the supplier differ greatly in scope, product types, and quantities.  In order to successfully provide 24-hour service and the planned same-day delivery for these heterogeneous orders, Office Depot needed a customized logistics solution. 

SSI SCHAEFER was selected and developed a system that significantly reduced throughput time.  The design featured a compact arrangement of picking areas, a cutting-edge conveying system and technology integration specifically designed to efficiently enable Office Depot employees to pick small pieces.  By controlling the distances, the throughput was increased to 5,400 units per hour.

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