The software market is constantly changing and has a diverse range of system requirements across the entire supply chain spectrum. Through WAMAS, SCHAEFER’s warehouse management software (WMS), we are able to provide integrated solutions for controlling and optimizing even the most complex logistics processes.

SCHAEFER’s software also provides the flexibility needed to adapt to a customer’s unique requirements. Our software allows you to control, monitor and optimize your entire range of logistics processes whether you have a manual, semi-automated, or automated storage system in your distribution center. WAMAS is the ultimate WMS solution for every application and budget.

Client Testimonial

"We manage to deliver 100,000 of clothing a day! Thanks to our automated warehouse we can store 3,000,000 pieces and process 5,000 orders at the same time. Our efficient delivery service runs 24/7. We have everything within reach and we make sure our customers feel the same way. Moreover, the ICIL foundation has honored us with the award for excellence in logistics."


Case Study:

Award Winning Logistics Solution

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When it comes to the fashion industry, the picking requirements are extremely challenging.  Desigual, a fashion clothing distributor located in Barcelona, Spain, needed to address these picking challenges in order to meet their distribution needs for their two highly anticipated fashion collections each year.

Salomon Automation, a member of the SSI SCHAEFER Group, created a highly efficient picking solution on limited space utilizing the warehouse management software WAMAS®.  The solution allows Desigual to pick 100,000 pieces of clothing per day, store 3,000,000 pieces, and process 5,000 orders at a time.  Delivery service runs twenty four hours a day, seven days a week ensuring the individual fashion experience is available all over the world, in each size, color, and store.

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