The transportation industry relies on quality automation components & solutions in its production plants to be competitive in the marketplace. Schaefer Systems provides automated material handling solutions that have the customization as well as the flexibility needed in transportation distribution centers to be successful.

From initial data analysis and planning to complete in house manufacturing that includes software, Schaefer Systems provides quality storage and picking solutions that optimize production and inventory management. Our organization also provides the ongoing technical support needed for the transportation industry to stay competitive over the long term.

Case Study:

New Automobile Logistics Center

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Volkswagen, located in Puebla, Mèxico, has over 15,000 employees working in a three-shift operation to produce approximately 1,500 cars per day, including the Jetta, New Beetle, Golf Cabrio and Beetle/Sedan. The production expansion of over 60% from 1991 to 2001 due to new models and versions required the development of new, efficient logistics concepts. Out of the eight providers, SSI SCHAEFER was awarded the contract.

SCHAEFER’s sophisticated design along with its trusted technology which provides an excellent price/performance ratio won over the decision-makers at Volkswagen. The innovative logistics center optimizes the processes throughout the warehouse which include space and labor savings as well as eliminating duplicative functions and unnecessary industrial trucks and HGVs.

conveyor line in warehouse
crane erecting a high bay warehouse

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