Shipping of sports clothing to Europe, Australia and New Zealand

With its carhartt brand, clothing company Work in Progress GmbH is a favourite in the skateboard and BMX scene when it comes to sportswear. To get the trendy branded articles to shops and to end customers quickly, WIP has built a new logistics centre in Weil am Rhein, and has concentrated and restructured the storage, order-picking and shipping processes there. In the existing building, general contractor SSI SCHAEFER installed a logistics complex of around 18,000 m2 with almost 60,000 storage spaces and an eight-aisle automatic small parts store for cartons and containers. Among other things two storage and retrieval machines (SRM) with efficient Twister V load carrying device have doubled throughput to up to 1300 units per hour compared to the previous solution. They also facilitate the inward storage and allocation of pre-picks.

Project objectives:

  • To replace mainly manual activities with an automated and cost-effective solution
  • Replace the satellite warehouses
  • Logistics processes restructured and concentrated in one place.
  • Doubling of the order lines per day
  • Create storage spaces for four different carton sizes and sufficient container storage positions
The project in detail
Case study
Our range of products and services:
  • Implementation planning
  • Racking system
  • Storage and retrieval systems (small parts)
  • Container/carton conveyor system
  • Containers
  • Visualisation
  • Warehouse management and control system
  • Spare parts package and maintenance contract

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