Home shopping specialist HSE24. Shopping from home. Easy and convenient. With expert advice. The shops never close. 24 hours a day. 16 hours live. 365 days a year. A compelling business concept.

The television shopping company transmits nationwide in Germany via cable and satellite and reaches a total of over 40 million households in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Logistikzentrum DHL (HSE24)

Future-oriented logistics solution in the growth sector of home shopping.

With a total investment of over 35 million euros, DHL has set up the dispatch warehouse for the home shopping station HSE24 with 250 workstations at its site in Greven.

The highly automated logistics centre was developed by SSI SCHAEFER Giebelstadt as a general contractor for Deutsche Post AG.

In a four-aisle high bay racking system, up to 25,000 different articles are stored from LCD televisions or massage brushes through to clothing. The customer orders are sent via a dedicated line to the dispatch warehouse with over 21,000 m2 order picking area on three levels.

Here between 20 and 40 thousand packages are dispatched each day, primarily one item orders; they are order picked, and transferred to the DHL packages centre after passing through dynamic scales and volume checks. The logistics concept realised has set a new milestone for speed, flexibility and quality of logistical processes in mail order.

Project objectives:

DHL to undertake services for HSE24:

  • High availability of articles
  • Assure delivery quality, orders processed on specific days
  • Better response options at peak times
  • Reduce transport costs by using the existing post centre for dispatch and delivery
  • Continual growth of dispatch volume and range of articles
The project in detail
Our range of products and services:
  • Implementation planning
  • Turn-key creation of high bay racking system (roof/wall/sprinkler/heating/lighting)
  • High bay warehouse and rack system
  • Storage and retrieval devices
  • Pallet conveying technology
  • Dispatch transport system and old carton transport system
  • Conveyor technology for hanger equipment (clothing)
  • Returns conveyor system incl. workstations and sorters
  • Static rack systems, pallet racking PR 600
  • Press for old cartons
  • Visualisation
  • Material flow computer and control system

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