SSI SCHAEFER completed the most modern refrigerated warehouse in Russia for one of the Russian market leaders of meat imports in St. Petersburg. To meet demand, especially in the major cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia imported approximately 1.7 million tonnes of meat in 2007; around one third of the total consumption.

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Besides the usual challenges associated with projects in the refrigerated sector, the equipment had to be shipped from the different SSI production facilities to St. Petersburg and the individual components including refrigeration engineering and inertisation, steel construction, roof and wall construction and IT had to be coordinated. In addition, the standards and special features of the Russian market had to be included in the overall planning and engineering phase. The range of services from SSI SCHAEFER included the creation of the logistical concept, planning and realisation of the pallet conveyor system and the rack structure as well as the integration of the warehouse management system.

The distribution centre serves as an intermediate storage facility for the company's own production plants and as a shipping warehouse for the retail market. All aspects of the logistics centre in terms of equipment, manpower requirements, quality and efficiency of processes the distribution centre is in line with market-based requirements.

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Project objectives:

  • Consolidation of warehouses and avoidance of seasonal warehouses during peak periods
  • Guaranteed ability to deliver and delivery itself through processes that are more efficient
  • Improved utilisation of space
  • Optimised allocation
  • Ergonomic design of work processes 
  • Multi-client compatible use of warehouse
The project in detail
Our range of products and services:
  • Creation of the logistics concept
  • Implementation planning
  • Construction phase (roof/wall/cooling system, Oxy-Reduct system, special fire doors for deep-freeze HBW)
  • Pallet conveying technology
  • Storage and retrieval devices
  • High bay warehouse and rack system
  • Visualisation
  • Warehouse management and control system

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