SCHAEFER’s receiving systems increase the productivity of the goods handling process. From goods in to returns, these workstations provide the optimal condition for high performance product handling.

Goods In (WEAP)

Goods In (WEAP)

This ergonomically optimized workstation increases the productivity of goods in procedures. With the SSI SCHAEFER WEAP workstation serving as an interface between internal and external supply of storage goods, a typical productivity increase of 20% is achieved.

The goods arrive at the warehouse, are checked and prepared for subsequent use or storage and re-packed into standard totes.

The ergonomic workstation design allows for efficient storage of a whole range of different items while guaranteeing high storage efficiency and the most delicate product handling.

Returns Receiving Station

SSI Schaefer RAP workstation is the most efficient and compact solution for returns handling, tailored to suit the specific requirements of the mail order industry.

It is the result of a profound analysis of material flows and activities of returns handling, for example, goods removal from roll containers and the efficient disposal of different packaging materials.

A clearly structured workstation area provides optimum working conditions for identifying and recording information and carrying out the required quality check.

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