SSI SCHAEFER provides a comprehensive approach to preparing goods in the warehouse to ship by offering solutions that allow products to be sorted and buffered as well as systems for optimum palletizing.


SCHAEFER offers sortation products that allow items to be organized for order fulfillment in the most efficient manner.  The result is increased throughput and higher productivity.

SCHAEFER's Roller Switch Diverter (RSW) is a modular insertion and diversion unit for medium and high throughput requirements. It allows for fast and easy insertion and diversion of transport units at an angle of 30 or 45 degrees.


Shipping buffers contain previously picked products that are put in such an order for further loading. SCHAEFER offers various buffers that provide increased efficiency in order processing and a decrease in vehicle idle times such as the SCHAEFER Miniload Crane (SMC) and SCHAEFER Carousel Systems (SCS).


Mercury® is a highly dynamic, fully automatic order consolidation system combining the functions of buffering, sorting and sequencing within one single system. With a capacity of more than 5,000 storage locations and a retrieval performance of up to 1,600 order totes per hour, the Mercury® is perfectly suitable for high requirements in the mentioned areas.

Mercury® is able to use trays and totes as load carriers, therefore the shape and surfaces of the shipping units is not an issue. The possibility to place several totes on one tray and dynamically assign the height, further reflects the high flexibility of the system. A module consists of one Mercury® for order tote retrieval and four SCHAEFER Miniload Cranes (SMC) for replenishment.

Palletizing Systems

Automatic palletization can be done either with jointed-arm robots or gantry robots and SCHAEFER offers a complex solution for palletizing outbound goods or roller containers at the end of order picking.

Our solution contains the packing software for calculating the pallet being created, the palletization robots and the integrated load securing equipment that consists of a stretch wrapping machine for pallets and a horizontal strapping device for roller containers. The packed but still unsecured pallets and roller containers do not need to be moved during this process, meaning that the risk of the packages falling off or slipping before the load is secured is virtually non-existent.

The packing software is designed primarily to achieve stability of the pallet being loaded and also the optimum fill level. To be able to implement the software requirements using robots in practice, the robot and gripper with its degrees of freedom are designed so that the packed units can be packed from all four sides from the middle of the pallet outwards.

The packed items are transferred without stopping from a special transfer position that also has a tip function to pick up products that have fallen over.

Because of this transfer in the move, the exact positioning at the destination and the precise set down through the rapid retraction of the gripper prong against a retaining bar result in packing rates of over 800 units per hour.

Palletizing Robot

Palletizing robots are ideal for low- to medium speed-operations. SCHAEFER's palletizing robots can save you money by reducing labor costs and expenses as well increase product availability and throughput.

  • Safe handling due to gripping on the top and bottom
  • Almost unrestricted handling of items
  • Speed and acceleration are product dependent


SCHAEFER's automated wrapping machines allow final pallets to be securely packed before the shipping process. The automated process allows for a decrease in man power for shipping preparation and a reliable, secure load to send out of the warehouse.

  • Highest possible stability of pallet due to decentralized, prompt, and funnel guided wrapping
  • Safe application of wrap on pallet foot

Automated Systems Catalog

Buffering (Miniload System)
Buffering (Miniload System)
Buffering (Carousel System)
Buffering (Carousel System)
Palletizing Robot
Palletizing Robot
Pallet Wrapping System
Pallet Wrapping System

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