Our logistics software offers you transparent control and monitoring functionalities as well as ideal coverage of your logistics requirements and perfect integration of our system's intra-logistics processes. From manual to fully automated, we cover all logistical areas within your warehouse. As reliable partner, we will assist you in finding the most appropriate and suitable solution.

Warehouse Management System

Our logistics software, WAMAS® allows us to control and optimize various processes in your warehouse from manual to fully automated.

  • Product solution with highly advanced processes
  • Perfect satisfaction of the customer's logistics demands
  • Extensive portfolio of functionalities from warehouse management to goods tracking
  • Transparent monitoring and control functions
  • WMS/MFS with standard interfaces to the most common ERP systems
  • Optimisation for efficiency, user-friendliness and quality
  • Simple matching of processes to their requirements

WAMAS® logistics software from SSI SCHAEFER

Why choose WAMAS®?

WAMAS® is continually developed and always offers new functionalities in regular releases. Our experience from customer projects worldwide has a positive effect on the optimization of WAMAS® and ensures support of all system components by SCHAEFER. Therefore, with WAMAS®, you'll always be provided state-of-the-art technologies and logistics. Due to the continuous development and upgradability, we ensure high investment security, low maintenance costs and ultimately a faster start-up of your warehouse as well as sustainable savings from the very beginning.

Machine Vision Technology

Industrial Image Processing for Automated Order Picking Processes

With the implementation of fully automated order picking systems, SSI SCHAEFER has consequently used and developed electronic image processing as a key technology for automation right from the beginning.

The SCHAEFER Case Picking (SCP), the SCHAEFER Order Verifier and the SSI Robo-Pick (SRP) are successful examples of innovative Machine Vision Technology utilization.

In industrial production and intra-logistics, Machine Vision Technology offers fully automated palletizing and depalletizing capabilities such as case orientation, case sequencing per layer, and quality assurance including complete documentation and traceability.


  • Operation of distribution centers which automatically supply a customer-specific mix of products
  • Efficiently automated and controlled production processes
  • Integration of quality assurance and order picking with minimized error rates and significantly reduced personnel, energy and freight costs
  • Technology advantages due to further reduction of interfaces</costs>
  • Savings capacity which ensure a fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Further developments of new plant functions with additional profit for the customer
  • Fully-automated inspection and documentation of completely commissioned orders - also a retrofit option for existing distribution centers

Material Flow Control (MFC)

SSI SCHAEFER offers a comprehensive package of solutions for IT-based projects that extend from consulting on process optimization and technical IT hardware components to the implementation and the customization of logistical SAP products.

  • Complete logistics solutions from a certified SAP partner
  • Expertise in providing modular solutions for manual and fully automated warehouse
  • Logistics know-how regarding SAP modules LES/TRM and EWM
  • Solution of simple and complex tasks
  • SAP solutions for small and medium-sized businesses as well as global players
  • Transparent processes and elimination of interfaces
  • Extensive consulting during the planning and implementation of your logistics IT
  • Consideration of downstream and auxiliary processes
  • Analysis of effects regarding adjacent ERP modules

Certified SAP Expertise

As strategic SAP service provider, we support you in the selection, introduction, and operation of SAP products. Our know-how and expertise has already been applied in various successful implementations across a number of different industry sectors. Moreover, our customers benefit from a high level of security and profit from an experienced realization partner (confirmed by SAP) with the latest technological IT know-how and offers.

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