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Pick in Batch – Scan to Order
The Batch Pick 'N Scan Sorter is a highly efficient batch picking and fully automatic control system combined with 1D and 2D barcode reading which sorts items according to customer orders, making it highly reliable and efficient.

The system consists of four areas which are each dedicated to one specific task. At the in-feed station, an operator places the products largely independent of their shape on the V-shaped belt conveyor. After the products are separated, they are transported through the scan machine where cameras scan each individual product from all six sides. The information is processed and analyzed before the product is transported to the linear distributor that establishes synchronization with the sorter. Depending on the gathered information and allocation to the final destination, a distributor table transports the products to the sorter which then transfers them to order totes or cartons at the respective destinations.

This versatile sorter, with a performance rate up to 4,500 pieces / hour, can be used in different warehouse areas to perform all kinds of tasks including goods-in, returns and order sortation for various industries. Ball-shaped items and products exceeding 260 × 180 × 180 mm are the only restrictions for this system. The integrated scanner can read 1D and 2D barcodes and is an excellent aid for error - free picking, parts lists and packing slips generation, and lot or serial number tracking, especially in the pharmaceutical sector.


  1. Picking: Orders are picked in one batch (1 tote contains x orders) and transported to the manual or automatic separation on the conveying system.
  2. Separation: Individual products are taken from the batch totes and placed on a conveyor which transports them directly in to the SSI SCHAEFER scan machine.
  3. Identification: Products are identified and their data documented at a speed of 2.0 m / s.
  4. Sorter synchronization: Individual products are filled into gondolas in synchronization with the sorter.
  5. Sorting: Gondolas transport the products to the sorter destinations (1 destination = 1 order) and drop the products off at the correct destination; reading errors and other errors go to the error station.
  6. Order finalization: Order totes wait beneath every sorter destination; these totes are replaced manually or automatically by the conveying system. Faulty products or orders are transported to a manual check station.


  • Higher picking efficiency with batch picking
  • Automated control including photo documentation during sortation
  • Simple integration with 3D compatible sorter
  • Any number of sorter in-feed points, depending on customer requirements
  • Considerably less space required compared to other sorter systems
  • Sorter drop-off and in-feed points are adapted to the transport units to meet customer requirements

Order Verifier

The SCHAEFER Order Verifier is a fully automated solution that verifies and documents orders prior to shipping.It entirely fulfills legal requirements regarding consistent documentation of shipped products including batch tracing. It also guarantees the highest possible dispatch quality in warehouse logistics with a throughput of up to 300 totes per hours.

SCHAEFER Order Verifier

Commissioned customer orders are discharged automatically and separated on special conveyor belts. The products are automatically and optically recorded. As the identification is carried out from all six sides, the position of the barcode or matrix code does not have to be considered.

SCHAEFER Order Verifier Video

The SCHAEFER Order Verifier offers the highest dispatch quality and efficiency at a fraction of the operating costs in comparison to conventional dispatch controls. It is easily integrated into existing systems and is perfect for deliveries.


  • Automatic discharging of commissioned customer totes
  • Product counting
  • Identification of 1-D or 2-D barcodes
  • RFID readout
  • Photographic shipping documentation
  • Semi- or fully-automatic filling of the customer totes

Batch Pick 'N Scan Sorter Video

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SCHAEFER Order Verifier

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