"No such thing as a typical day..."

The one aspect of working at SCHAEFER I like most, is that there is no such thing as a typical day. I have never had two days of work exactly the same. Imagine standing at home plate and the pitcher only throwing you fastballs. It would be fun at first, knocking them out of the park, but over time you would get bored with the same pitches. At SCHAEFER Systems you see all types of pitches, all the time.

At SCHAEFER, if you aren't learning new things daily, you aren't paying attention. But this just scratches the surface of the benefits.

Working in this multicultural, cross-functional team environment allows you to learn so many things about your co-workers, professionally and personally. I have met so many people that I know I will have lasting relationships with for years to come. It's truly an honor to be associated with so many talented and knowledgeable people.

Ever changing technologies are excellent topics of conversations with my family and friends. They are truly amazed at the capabilities of SCHAEFER products and are in awe of the types of customers we serve, all leaders in their perspective industries.

Another opportunity at SCHAEFER is that you are not grounded.  Being a global leader in our industry, you may travel to some interesting places to conduct your work, experiencing different cultures, and meeting new people along the way.

Lastly, I truly believe we make a huge impact to the bottom line for our customers' businesses. Our systems are custom- tailored to suit their needs. They are innovative and state-of the art. Our work is an integral part of customers' operational success.

Larry Jackson
IT Service Engineering Manager
Automation Systems Division

"The people and the products..."

This is my second tour with SCHAEFER. I came back to SCHAEFER for two reasons – the people and the products.

My colleagues at SCHAEFER have one thing in mind – to take care of the customer. As an outside sales manager, I rely on our incredible inside staff; from my boss who responds quickly to questions and situations, to our impressive project department, to our attentive customer service group, and to the warehouse personnel that make sure orders get shipped on time and correctly.

SCHAEFER products are second to none. It is always a thrill to go into a customer, find a product that SCHAEFER manufactured decades ago and find that we still can get more of it. If used properly, our products never seem to fail. I stack our products up to any in the industry. I am proud to show off new product to our customers knowing they want what is best in the marketplace and that I have the entire SCHAEFER Group behind me!

Kevin Strobel
Southeast Regional Sales Manager
Material Handling Division

"freedom to make decisions..."

I joined SSI SCHAEFER in 2006. What first attracted me to the job was the technology involved. I had never seen automated systems like this before.

My job is very flexible and I have the freedom to make decisions to get the work done. It requires a motivated person who is able to complete tasks without micromanagement. It is never boring. There is always something to learn each and every day, either from the technology I am working with, or interacting with co-workers and customers.

Since SSI SCHAEFER is an international company, not only do I get to do the job I love, but I have opportunities to work in various locations all around the world. With SSI SCHAEFER, you can explore and expand your horizons.

Bao Nguyen
Quality Assurance Engineer
Automated Systems Division

"strong family traditions..."

I always like to tell the SCHAEFER Story during the interview process with potential employees. SSI SCHAEFER is a 75-year-old company that is still family owned with strong family traditions. These traditions maintain a foundation of "mutual respect, trust, and teamwork among all employees and help us recognize that all jobs are dependent upon satisfied customers and that customer satisfaction is the responsibility of every employee."

I have enjoyed a 22-year career with the SSI SCHAEFER Waste Technology Division. Today, as Sr. Vice President and Managing Director of the division, I base my hiring decisions on building a team of hard working, intelligent, dedicated, and loyal associates. I require associates with personalities that fit well into the division from a sales and customer service standpoint. They must have the desire to make SSI SCHAEFER a long term commitment, like so many others do within our worldwide organization.

From the top down, the Company is "committed to carefully planned growth, the creation of meaningful job opportunities for our employees, the application of advanced technologies and the constant pursuit of excellence.

Mike Knaub
Sr. Vice President and Managing Director
Waste Technology Division

"I'm proud to be part of it..."

I have been an employee at SCHAEFER Systems for 7 years and it has been an awesome experience. I have learned a lot about plastics technology. SCHAEFER has given me the opportunity to learn different machines and the best ways to process to make a great product. When you see the waste carts, pallets, and boxes stacking up outside of the work place it makes you smile knowing that you had a big part in making that.

The best benefits of being at SCHAEFER is our health care package, our 401k plan, and working with some real good people!

I have seen the quality of SCHAEFER service and how well they treat their customers. I'm proud to be part of it. I recommend anyone to work here for the growth and open door policy that they have.

Renee Hammonds
Process Technician
Manufacturing Division

"the future of logistics..."

I have a minor in Logistics & Supply Chain Management and I love working at SCHAEFER Systems because I get to be involved in what I consider to be the future of logistics. A field that is always changing and generating new, innovative ways to create a competitive advantage can never be boring. In my experience, SCHAEFER recognizes hard work and gives opportunities to earn your way through your career path. I'm even going to work and train in Germany for the next year!

Alyssa Gerke
Software Support Engineer
Automated Systems Division

"they care about our families..."

I enjoy working at SCHAEFER because, everyone in my building knows everyone else. We have a great group of people to work with. It's never the same thing when I come in to work. I always have some new challenges that keep me on my toes and keep my mind sharp. Whether it is training new employees or working out problems on the machine.

SCHAEFER has great benefits and they are always trying to keep the cost of our healthcare and prescriptions down. We have a 401K plan, vacation time, and many other benefits that show how much they care about our families.

SCHAEFER has been in this area for over 20 years. SCHAEFER is great!

Eric Brown
Process Technician
Manufacturing Division

"big company with small company values..."

I like that SCHAEFER is a big company with small company values. Along with the quality of our products, we pride ourselves on our performance, and our customer service. I'm a supervisor in the Packaging Systems Division customer service. I'm able to assist on the front end with customers and sales staff, all the way to the back end with manufacturing, fabrication, and shipping personnel.

To me, that type of communication, funneling through one point is a key factor in our successful customer service and I love being a part of it!

Abby Drummond
Packaging Services Supervisor
Packaging Systems Division

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