SCHAEFER Awarded Sustainability Partnership Game Changer Award by the National Waste & Recycling Association

Maria Frizzell (Vice President of Sales and Operations Schaefer Waste Technology Division) and Chad Jenkins (CEO of SeedSpark)

21. September 2015 SSI SCHAEFER Awarded Sustainability Partnership Game Changer Award by the National Waste & Recycling Association The first "Sustainability Partnership Game Changer Award" was granted to SSI SCHAEFER on Thursday, September 10, 2015 by the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) at the Waste360 Recycling Summit in Chicago.

This prestigious waste management award recognizes public and private organizations that, according to NWRA, have successfully partnered to implement game-changing initiatives, policies or programs that advance sustainability in their community.

In 2013, SSI SCHAEFER and its subcontractors, SeedSpark and WasteRec, partnered with Hillsborough County, FL on a project to deliver more than 520,000 waste carts to over 260,000 households and nearly 20,000 commercial accounts.

Utilizing WISTAR® – a comprehensive asset management technology developed by SSI SCHAEFER and powered by SeedSpark – this project was the largest same-day startup, roll cart deployment in North America with industry-leading 99.997% RFID cart deployment accuracy that greatly surpassed the 98% requirement.

This partnership resulted in an estimated $85 million economic impact on the U.S. solid waste industry in 2013, a 100% increase in recyclables recovery (30,000 additional tons per year) and more than a $10 million annual savings over the County's previous contract. Sandra Murman, Hillsborough County Commissioner said, "The successful start of new solid waste service was accomplished due to exemplary collaborative efforts and serves as a model for great communication and teamwork."

Don Ross, Director of Operations for KCI, also commented, "The award was the culmination of an extensive strategic planning process that Kessler Consulting undertook with Hillsborough County. Innovative ideas, solid technical specifications, a clear procurement process, and a transition plan that was tied to the objectives of the plan resulted in a group of high quality partners capable of getting a challenging job done. Together, the partners functioned like a winning team!"

SSI SCHAEFER is honored to be included in this award and will continue to set the standard for Waste and Recycling projects around the world using WISTAR® technology.


SSI SCHAEFER is one of the most respected and innovative manufacturers and distributors of waste technology products in the world, serving municipalities, government agencies and private haulers. Additionally, they are one of the world's largest total solutions providers and components manufacturers, offering waste technology solutions, automated systems, storage and distribution, materials handling and logistics software throughout North America. The SSI SCHAEFER Group is recognized internationally for maintaining the highest level of quality products within the logistics sector. For more information, please visit:

About WISTAR®:

SSI SCHAEFER and SeedSpark collaborated to develop a comprehensive asset management tool for the waste industry utilizing RFID tags/ Barcodes and GPS, WISTAR®. The full service asset management technology allows municipalities and waste management companies to view, edit and organize data throughout the lifecycle of the cart and gives municipalities access to login to the platform to track their carts as they are deployed. This turnkey lifecycle management system has allowed SSI SCHAEFER to deploy over 2,200,000 carts throughout North America with 99.99% RFID cart deployment accuracy.

About SeedSpark, LLC:

SeedSpark, LLC is a Charlotte, North Carolina based company providing a business-centric approach to technology and consulting. Their competitive advantage is their ability to listen, learn your business and identify and implement technology solutions that solve the real business problem. SeedSpark specializes in business process automation, RFID applications, outsourced technical support, hosted services, web and native application development and digital marketing. For more information, please visit:

About WasteRec:

WasteRec is a service company that provides outsourced mass cart logistics solutions for Public and Private Waste and Recycling Hauling Companies, Residential Poly-Cart Manufacturers and Municipalities both large and small. They specialize and offer their services to these entities when there is a need for mass logistics of deploying, removing, re-positioning, re-branding, of such. WasteRec's project execution/experience has proven itself over and over with very satisfied customers and experiences. For more information, please visit:


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