WAGO Corporation

Lower Energy Costs Due to Improved Systems

"WAGO selected SSI SCHAEFER over two other vendors for this project because of the quality of their systems. This system has been extremely reliable and continues to meet the goals set for the project."

Gregory S. Rinn, VP Finance & Operations, WAGO Corporation

Belimo Americas

Expand Manufacturing Capabilities and Ensure Best Lead Times

"We built in the capacity to expand the building if additional production or office space is needed. The project was delivered on time and we were able to transition into our new facility per schedule without interruption to our business and customer service."

John Coppola, Belimo's Vice President Finance and Administration for America Operations


Increased Production Capability

"The implementation of the SSI SCHAEFER solution has allowed Italpasta to double our production capability producing more with increased efficiencies."

Joseph Vitale, Owner & Founder of ItalPasta



"In December, 2012, we installed two LOGIMAT® VLMs, each 12-feet in length and 6-feet deep. Combined, these units are now holding 5,000 small part numbers, and are a total of 24 linear feet wide leaving us 476 linear feet that we converted from tote racking to 1,600 new pallet racking locations. We have gone from four pickers previously, now to only one, while handling the same volume of orders, if not more. We are able to handle 80 picks per hour, per VLM, with multiple quantities per pick. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the system."

Dante Candelaria, Industrial Engineer in the Manufacturing Engineering Department at Volvo

KNF Neuberger

"When you have a lot of parts, and your system goes down, you have to stop your production because you cannot get parts out of the VLM. Chains and belts stretch, which impacts the VLM's operation, increasing downtime and servicing. So, we wanted to take the most secure route that we could go, and opted for the VLM with rack and pinion drive. That was a key consideration that resulted in us getting interested in LOGIMAT®."

"We also liked the LOGIMAT® laser pointer system that pinpoints exactly where the parts are in the tray, giving a color mark display on the HMI screen. Our picking of wrong parts went down to zero. We have since installed LOGIMATS in four other plants."

Juergen Strauss, Director of Operations for KNF Neuberger

A. Kempf Getränkegroßhandel GmbH

Two-Phase Shipping

"By adding automation and implementing a two-phase shipping process we were able to increase our process efficiency and ensure our daily readiness for delivery. With the implementation of an automated order and tour buffer we managed to time the provision of goods in such a way that the yard throughput times for trucks on peak days were optimized from formerly up to four hours to less than one hour".

"Limiting our ability to supply was unthinkable. Therefore, we preceded the change with intense planning and a tender geared to throughput and cost efficiency. We had to consider limiting basic conditions due to the existing building dimensions. Aside from SSI SCHAEFER no other tenderer was able to present a realizable design that would fulfill the requested quantity structures and process advantages."

"A harmonic, on-schedule course of the project with the implementation of a unique, innovative design with which an individual, highly efficient, fully automated solution was implemented that exceeded our requirements and has the potential to establish a new solution for the beverage industry. Therewith, the specialists of SSI SCHAEFER particularly demonstrated their know-how and process understanding for intra-logistics in the beverage industry. We are very pleased with the results."

Christian Melchior, business unit head at A. Kempf

Leonhard Heyden

Warehouse Management Software (WAMAS)

Now that all processes are managed by WAMAS GO!, we have achieved time savings of around 30%. In addition, the system ensures full visibility into inventory and end-toend traceability. Plus, we have seen a significant reduction in the error rate."

Christian Usinger, head of logistics at Leonhard Heyden

Bosch Rexroth

Automatic Small Parts Store

In SSI Schaefer, we found a partner that offered us the perfect solution, delivering all the improvements we were looking for – and meeting our requirements in terms of picking."

Dr. Lars Biester, Head of Logistics at Bosch Rexroth

Integrated National Logistics (INL)

32,400 Position Pallet Racking System

The SSI Schaefer team did a great job and all deadlines were met. Implementation was fast and simple. It is highly likely that we'll turn to SSI Schaefer for future projects, too."

Paul Maycock, General Manager at Integrated National Logistics (INL)

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