Storage & Retrieval Systems Catalog (PDF)
Storage & Retrieval Systems Catalog (PDF)

Automatic storage and retrieval machines by SSI SCHAEFER are an important component of a cost-effective logistics chain. Where optimized warehousing with quick transport of material and short access times is required, we offer innovative storage and retrieval machines that are based on customer requirements and therefore, enhance the economic side of warehousing.

Through minimal energy consumption the environment is protected and the cost of maintenance reduced. Because we manufacture our own products, we continuously deliver quality, reliable products to our customers.

Storage and Retrieval Machines for Pallets

Where optimized pallet storage with fast material transport and short access time is required, automatic storage and retrieval machines are the answer. They handle storage and retrieval operations in high bay warehouses and move products to transfer stations.

High Bay Warehouse

Optimal Space Utilization and Cost-Effective Solutions


Storage Device with Integrated Shuttle for Channel Storage


New SRM-Generation for More Storage Capacity, Flexibility and Efficiency

SCHAEFER Compact Crane

Powerful, compact, economical storage and retrieval machine

SSI SCHAEFER offers a wide spectrum of standard devices that can be adapted as single or double mast units based on capacities, travel and lifting speeds, installation height and load based on requirements and applications to meet the exact needs of the customer. Compact assembly groups and pre-tested storage and retrieval machines guarantee short assembly times. Proven, high-quality machine parts result in comfortable maintenance schedules. Intelligent control routines furthermore provide low-wear and energy-efficient warehouse operation. Further, models with dedicated load handling devices, multiple load pickup, equipment for utilization in a deep-freeze environment, turning devices with aisle-change-bridges, flexible drive concepts as well as redundant configuration with several storage and retrieval machines per aisle are available.

Navette - Faster Speed with Less Shuttles

Navette multi-level shuttle

The scalable, multi-level shuttle increases efficiency in the storage and picking of trays, totes, or cartons in automated warehouses. The shuttle, which can be scaled precisely to the customer's requirements, and the overall system, represents an innovative leap in design and technology.

In one load cycle, the Navette moves a total of four transport units simultaneously, serving storage locations on two storage levels in a single operating sequence. Unlike single-level shuttles, the Navette is able to operate in genuine double cycles. This minimizes travfel times and doubles process efficiency.

3D-MATRIX Solution® - Highly Dynamic Sequencing without Bottlenecks

The Revolutionary Approach of the 3D-MATRIX Solution®

With the 3D-MATRIX Solution® SSI SCHAEFER offers a highly dynamic system solution eliminating warehouse bottlenecks. The X-, Y- and Z-direction movements of the transport media in the warehouse are separated from one another and carried out simultaneously. The system concept for totes, layer trays, or pallets works with different shuttle systems. The requested load units are moved to lift transfer stations and buffered there.

Thanks to the innovative design of the 3D-MATRIX Solution®, the warehouse system already does all the sequencing. This means storage, buffering, and sequencing are done in one single system. The numberof retrieval and storage lines in the Z-direction installable consecutively on the X-axis is arbitrary, as well as the quantity of lifts and work stations used.

Storage and Retrieval Machines for Small-Parts Logistics

Nominal space requirements with minimal access times, flexible links to other storage systems and modularity of our time-tested systems are the basis for efficient, automated storage logistics for totes, trays and cartons. From racking and conveyor systems to order picking strategies, we design and implement customized solutions that can be adapted to customer specific requirements down to the smallest detail.

SCHAEFER Carousel System (SCS)

High-Speed Order Picking with Minimal Use of Space.

SCHAEFER Quad System (SQS)

High-Density Dynamic Tote Processing in Least Amount of Space.

SCHAEFER Miniload Crane (SMC)

Maximum Use of the Vertical Warehouse Direction with a Small Footprint

SCHAEFER Tray System (STS)

Store and Process Trays with the Highest Throughput Performance

Our innovative logistics solutions like the SCHAEFER Carousel System (SCS), the SCHAEFER Quad System (SQS) and the Miniload (automated small parts storage system) were especially designed to meet the requirements of highly dynamic logistics processes and warehouses and are more than just a complement to our extensive palette of classic system components.

With the SCHAEFER Miniload Crane (SMC), SSI SCHAEFER completely covers rack automation for totes, cartons, and trays and presents the ideal solution for maximum use of vertical storage while using very little floor space. With the use of totes, trays or cartons as carrier there are hardly any restrictions to the form or surface of the items that need to be stored or buffered. The SMC is a one- or two-mast machine with different load handling devices that can be tailored to customer requests. The modular building block system allows for an individual custom design and an ideal cost-performance ratio.

The SCHAEFER Tray System (STS) is a system for storage and picking of complete pallet loads on trays. With multiple STS vehicles on top of each other, the warehouse can be efficiently used. Each STS vehicle has two load handling devices with a pulling jig installed. As a result, there are very short cycles and minimum requirements for empty space in the racks. The trays are typically supplied via STS lifts to transfer places in the rack. Based on a strategic alignment of the single components, this storage system allows for highly dynamic, available, and efficient use as well as very high throughputs. The rack vehicle is delivered in a stable transport aid made of steel which ensures a safe transport and facilitates the installation of the STS vehicle in the rack.

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