50% Reduction in Costs for Internal Transports

The SSI Autocruiser™ Conveying Solution is a powerful yet economical alternative for closing the gap between forklift transports and conventional conveyor technology. It was designed for internal transport with low to medium throughput, reaching its highest efficiency at around 600 units per hour. Each vehicle is able to transport loads with a weight of up to 30 kg and a base of 40 × 60 cm. Its operating speed is 1 m/s. Loading and unloading of the vehicles is done manually at the workstations by your warehouse staff.

Versatile Range of Applications

  • Connecting production and warehouse
  • Supplying tools and other resources to staff and machinery
  • Connecting different production lines
  • Connecting buildings
  • Handling special items in distribution centers
  • Handling returns

The track layout can be designed easily and trouble-free. In addition to straight sections and curves, you may use switches, swivel plates and lifting devices. Using these components makes your system flexible and expandable. Because all the components come pre-assembled, the installation and start-up process is done quickly and does not require any special skills.

Intelligent Power Supply

Its power supply is an additional benefit of the Autocruiser™ Conveying Solution. The entire system is connected to the standard power network. Each vehicle uses batteries, which can be recharged at several stations along the tracks. However, the vehicles’ batteries will also be recharged during any loading or unloading stop, making unscheduled charging cycles an absolute exception.

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