CF Collapsible Containers

In addition to the obvious cost savings for return shipments, the new line of containers offers an impressive array of features and advantages. Made of high density polypropylene, they are lightweight and strong. To meet a variety of needs, they are available with three bottom designs. They come with a two-year manufacturer's warranty and are 100% recyclable.

  • Compatible with Krypto-Lite™ Pallet and Top Cap System, MultiStac™ Top Cap System and other 48" × 45"systems on the market.
  • Containers stack with NF and AF Transtac/Crosstac and all compatible straight-wall container systems.
  • Attached lids available (minimum order required).
  • Equipped with true ergonomic pocket handles.
  • Available with placards, plastic cardholders and clips.
  • 100% recyclable, including pivot pins. No separation of components necessary.
  • Security interlocks on sidewall hinges and lower pivots prevent misalignment of sidewall components to ensure proper function and to maintain engagement if subjected to side impacts.
  • Patented end-wall catch is positioned over the pivot to provide support to both top and bottom sidewall components.
  • End-wall catches on base component maintain box geometry under loading and minimize stresses on pivots and snap-fits, both of which are failure modes on other box designs in the market place.

ECO-TECH™ Collapsible Containers

ECO-TECH™ has been presented as a total revolution in the collapsible container industry for small loads. Not only is it the the lightest container of its dind, it also features the fastest erecting and collapsing times, for reduced waste times and increased productivity.

  • 5:1 collapsible ratio, which means savings of 80% of space during transportation and storage
  • Active safety lock opening mechanism, with ergonomic handles
  • Straight smooth inner walls for maximum capacity
  • So strong that it is suitable for use in conveyor systems and fully automated processes
  • Load capacity of 75 lbs.
  • Can be securely stacked

FK Collapsible Containers

Designed for any application where empty containers must be stored in minimal space. Ideal for consideration in returnable systems where long transportation distances create the need for containers with the highest return ratio to achieve an economic payback.

  • Seven sizes, four footprints, four heights
  • Attached lid options
  • Integral label holder where space permits
  • Made of polypropylene
  • Available in blue and grey
  • Compatible with 48" × 45" and 48" × 40" pallet
  • Boxes may be interstacked and internested
  • Very high return ratios
  • Container walls securely latch into place with locking hinges
  • Lids may be retrofitted
  • Durable, Recyclable, Repairable

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