Conductive Containers

These containers are molded with a conductive carbon-filled polypropylene material which protects sensitive electronic components from electrostatic fields or induced fields. Conductive materials provide a barrier which these fields cannot penetrate. Container styles molded in conductive material include the Euro-Fix line. When these containers are used with conductive lids, you achieve the highest level of protection. Containers are permanently conductive and unaffected by washing with normal cleansers.

  • Specific Volume resistance: 50 Ohm inch
  • Specific surface resistance: 10³ Ohm inch

14/7 Conductive Bins

These conductive bins feature double-wall construction for solid long-term performance, and a recessed grip handle on the back for easier manual handling.

14/6 Conductive Containers

These conductive containers feature solid flat walls for maximum cube capacity and easy cleaning, and a special bottom design allows containers to interstack.

EF Conductive Containers

These Euro-Fix conductive containers can be securely stacked or interstacked. The smoothe base and interior allows maximum filling capacity.

Conductive Accessories

Lids, Trays, PCB holders, Dividers and more.

ESD Containers

Schaefer has a complete line of Static Dissipative products to prevent ESD damage to your valuable electronics during production, shipping and storage. Containers manufactured in ESD materials protect their contents from static electricity and electrostatic damage. These materials are designed to absorb the charge and pass it to the ground, bypassing the contents of the containers, preventing product damage.

Schaefer ESD safe systems are permanently static dissipative in the most desired range of 106 to 109 ohms/sq using only 1-2% carbon black. Schaefer Static Dissipative containers are superior to conductive containers, which pose a high risk from uncontrolled static discharges. When containers are used with lids and interior divider sets, the highest level of protection is achieved.

ESD Advantages

  • Permanent ESD Protection with infinite shelf life for the container and its contents
  • Rapid and consistent decay rate that is unaffected by environmental conditions
  • Humidity independent
  • High heat deflection temperature
  • Clean room compatible: low outgassing, low ionic contamination
  • Minimal sloughing as compared to standard carbon based materials, 1% to 2% carbon vs. up to 20% for conductive carbon filled

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Conductive Containers
Conductive Containers
ESD Containers
ESD Containers

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