LF Hopper Front Containers

One of the first plastic hopper front container families. The plastic version of our popular 14/7 hopper front steel container. These containers are ideal members of a small parts storage system which utilizes free-standing racks, trolleys or shelving. When you purchase an LF container, you are purchasing over 50 years of solutions which have been designed into products and accessories.

  • 15 sizes, eight footprints, seven heights (2" - 12")
  • Available in yellow, green, red and blue
  • Interstackable with the 14/6 line of containers (except LF 141906)
  • Can be hung on louvered panel (except larger containers: LF 291812, LF 201812, LF 201212 and LF 201206)
  • Front label holders
  • Ergonomically designed, recessed grip handle on the back for easier manual handling
  • Double-wall construction for strength, made of polyethylene (except LF 090605, LF 140806 and LF 140808)
  • Compatible with SSI free-standing racks, trays, shelving and trolleys

RK Plastic Shelf Bins

Thanks to the modular design, our plastic shelf bins achieve maximum cube utilization. Manufactured by SCHAEFER from high-density FDA approved polyethylene, shelf bins withstand oils and grease, and are impervious to most chemicals. Bins and dividers are available in popular blue color. Dividers can be labeled for improved classification of small items.

  • Bins resist oil, grease and are unaffected by most chemicals.
  • Bins feature a rear lip to hang off shelf for hands-free picking and stocking.

RK Shelf Bins cube 39"W R3000 shelves for optimal space utilization. Bins sit very close to upper leveles, preventing dust accumulation. Combine different bins within the same unit for custom design. 

14/6 Stackable Containers

The SCHAEFER family of 14/6 Straight Wall Stackable Bins are an optimal solution for industrial and food processing applications. Manufactured by Schaefer with heavy duty FDA approved HDPE, they feature solid flat walls for maximum cube capacity and easy cleaning. Ergonomic design with recessed grip handle on back for easier manual handling. The special bottom design allows bins to stack or inter-stack. Available in four popular colors: yellow, red, blue, and green.

  • Manufactured using heavy duty FDA approved high density polyethylene.
  • Can stack or inter-stack with LF stacking bins.

Use EK Sub-Containers to increase storage space. EK Sub-Containers will maximize the use of your bins. They can be easily removed for replenishment or transportation. 

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LF Hopper Front Containers
RK Plastic Shelf Bins
14/6 Stackable Containers

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