KS Stack and Nest Containers

Schaefer 180° KS Stack and Nest Containers securely stack when full and efficiently nest when empty to minimize freight and storage costs. Designed for a wide variety of applications, Schaefer's KS Containers can be found globally in food processing, industrial, and distribution businesses. Many of the containers are compatible with pallet systems, including 48" × 45" and 48" × 40" pallets. Some of the containers have unique features for specific applications, and all have Schaefer quality in workmanship and design.

  • Available in Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green
  • Can withstand temperature extremes between -4F to 212F
  • Specifically designed for meat processing facilities
  • Made of FDA approved HDPE for superior performance
  • Sidewall slots provide overflow and airflow management
  • Smooth walls with generous corner radii create a strong and easy-to-clean container

EFB Stack and Nest Containers

EFB containers are some of the strongest 180° stack and nest containers made out of recyclable thermoplastic material polypropylene. Designed to withstand industrial use, they can be used in any application requiring great stacking strength and efficient storage when empty.

  • Three sizes, three heights, one footprint
  • Made of polypropylene
  • Available in green, blue, yellow and red
  • Popular mold options include mesh on sides and base
  • Compatible with 48" × 45" and 48" × 40" pallet
  • All three containers interstack and nest with each other
  • Ergonomic handles can be grasped from the side or top
  • Built-in 3" × 2.25" label holder
  • Large, protected hot stamp areas
  • Protected bar code areas
  • Easily conveyed on textured bottom


  • One size fits all containers
  • Lid latches securely into place
  • Slots are available for banding containers
  • Stack stops secure load on top of lid
  • Lids stack on top of each other for efficient storage
  • Lid does not interfere with use of ergonomic handles

FB Stack and Nest Containers

Schaefer 180° FB Stack and Nest Containers are designed for storage, work in process, and product distribution. They are compatible with both 48" × 40" and 48" × 45" pallets. FB Containers offer excellent nest ratio for economical returns and efficient empty storage. Handles are located under the reinforced rim. Some models are made from heavy-duty high-density prolypropylene and others heavy-duty high-density prolyethylene depending on the required application.

  • Good nest ratio for economical returns and efficient empty storage
  • Handles under the reinforced rim
  • Latching cover with stack stops
  • Available in Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green
  • Can withstand temperature extremes between -4F to 212F

KFB Stack and Nest Containers

Schaefer bail containers offer nestability, convenience and efficiency with a patented bail design to provide a stacking function. Up to a 4:1 nest ratio means significant storage space savings and economic back hauling for shipping and receiving.

  • Designed for distribution of product between parts supplier and manufacturer, or wholesaler and retailer
  • 3:1 and 4:1 nest ratios
  • Compatible with KFP 6527/KFT 6527 48" × 40" pallets and top caps
  • KFB 652 available with mesh sides for easy visibility of contents and stock status
  • Easily cleaned
  • Available with dust cover
  • Can be ordered without bails to create a nest-only version
  • Made of polyethylene and polypropylene
  • Available in blue and other standard colors

KMB Stack and Nest Containers

The Multi-Purpose Container. An outstanding feature of the KMB container is its great versatility in terms of warehousing and materials-handling applications. The system can be extended, using more than 50 optional configurations. It offers alternative packaging for fragile items packed in cardboard boxes or foil packs. Empty containers can be nested, providing spacesavings of up to 75% and thus reducing storage and transportation costs.

  • Space-savings of 75% when empty
  • Temperature-resistant from -20° to +90°C
  • Can be handled from any side with automatic stacking equipment
  • Ergonomically-shaped handles
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, with optional drainage holes
  • Made of polypropylene
  • Can hold contents weighing up to 110 lbs. (reinforced base required)
  • Specially-designed bar code fields for protection against damage and soiling
  • Run with optimum smoothness through conveyor systems
  • Textured base provides grip when used with belt conveyors
  • Can be supplied with various logos

KMB Attached Lid Containers

The version with a hinged two-section lid provides the best way of protecting your products from damage. An optional seal prevents unauthorized access to goods being transported. Lead seals can also be attached to provide additional security, as can reinforced case straps (using the grooves provided). The hinged folding lid permits secure stacking of different-sized KMB containers. The lids fold outward and lie vertically against the side of the container to permit nesting when empty.

  • Containers of different heights and sizes can be stacked on top of each other when lid is closed
  • Optimum damage-protection for items being distributed
  • High level of access control with optional lock of seal
  • Additional security using band strapping in grooves
  • Vertical position of open lid ensures maximum space saving when nested
  • Hinged lids can be replaced individually
  • Available with stacking bail

KMB Containers with Bail Arm

A conical shape with easy stacking need not be a contradiction in terms. Just fold back the bail arms and nest the empty containers inside each other, or pile full containers into a stack. For safer handling, the frame is fitted with a special catch that prevents it folding up by accident.

  • The bail arms are easy to use
  • The arms are made of highly robust fiberglass-reinforced material
  • Safety catch provides high level of operating reliability and ease of handling
  • The bail arm engages precisely in both normal and folded position
  • No reduction in useful volume
  • Each arm can be replaced individually

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