ELB Light Container

LIGHTER BY DESIGN - Light as a feather yet extremely sturdy

SSI SCHAEFER has developed more than 2,000 types of high-quality warehouse, order picking and transport containers. Our know-how has continually developed through years of experience, use of state-of-the-art technologies and intensive collaboration with customers. Whether boxes are needed for electrical parts, automotive accessories, mail order items, computer chips, food, or paperback books − we can develop the right solution.

We have brought together our knowledge from all special applications to produce an innovative high-tech product. This all-round container, designed for everyday use, is feather light, extremely sturdy and most importantly sensibly priced. Designed using a new material and new tool technology, the ELB Light Container is a high-quality product which can be used for virtually any purpose and best of all: it's affordable for all!

EF Euro-Fix Containers With Solid or Mesh Base & Sides

Schaefer's complete line of stack-only containers for storage, distribution and work-in-process applications. Modular to 32" × 48" Euro-pallet and to 48" × 40" pallets. Made of polypropylene, the Euro-Fix Container is available with solid sides and bottom and in mesh versions.

Designed for Versatility

Euro-Fix containers are sturdy yet lightweight, easy to clean and suitable for use with foods. They are resistant to most oils and acids and can withstand temperature extremes, making them ideal for a variety of different applications. Sturdy stacking rims ensure the containers can be securely stacked with a stacking load of up to 272 lbs. Ribbing affords high integral rigidity. Smooth base and interior permit filling to maximum capacity.

  • Available in 72 sizes, five footprints
  • Heights from 3" to 16.5"
  • Standard colors: red or grey; additional colors are available, minimum quantities apply
  • Over 15 lids, clips and accessories
  • A true family of products which can be interstacked on a pallet
  • Designed for high cube utilization and strength
  • Made of polypropylene which makes the Euro-Fix economical, durable and easy to clean
  • Available in conductive version
  • Spacing, number and thickness of ribs add even more strength and years of life to the container
  • Some containers are available with reinforced bottoms to support even heavier loads, and for quiet operation in automated storage systems
  • The EF 8320, a 4.59 cubic foot capacity container, features a ribbed traction bottom for maximum load bearing and smooth conveyor operation

LTB Containers

LTB Heavy Duty Straight Wall Containers feature a specially designed bottom which provides high rigidity for any application, including automated storage systems. Made of FDA approved polypropylene, Schaefer LTB Stackable Containers feature double-wall corners, a reinforced lower and upper rim as well as four sturdy corner posts. The spcially designed bottom ensures trouble-free running on all conveyors. This design guarantees a high resistance to twisting and superior performance, even on automated storage systems. Sizes stack and inter-stack. Newly designed hand holds for ergonomic manual handling and smooth inside walls for easy cleaning. With the usage of dust covers or hinged lids, the lLTB is ready for shipment while retaining the ability for automated unstacking and secure storage in mini-loads and modular shelving systems.

  • Made of polypropylene
  • Available in blue and grey
  • Rigid and robust
  • Double-wall corner reinforcement
  • Smooth inside walls
  • Compatible with all Euro-dimension containers
  • Reinforced bottom
  • Weight capacity 110 lbs.
  • Drainage holes optional
  • Optional attached, 2-part hinged lid
  • Hot stamping available

MF Containers

Preferred worldwide by manufacturers of automated storage and retrieval systems. These containers are designed and built by Schaefer for operation in automated systems.

  • Twelve sizes, three footprints
  • Heights from 5" to 16.5"
  • Made of polypropylene or conductive polypropylene
  • Standard color is red
  • Maximum storage efficiency
  • Designed for operation in AS/RS
  • Reinforced bottom for use in unsupported rack
  • Vertical lifting features
  • Automatic positioning features
  • Horizontal insertion and extraction features
  • Bar code areas on all sides
  • 8.25" × 3.25" card holder molded-in

LTF Medium Duty Straight Wall Containers

LTF containers feature a reinforced base with patented design for silent running on conveyor systems, perpendicular sides for maximum usable internal space, specially designed corner posts to facilitate high stacking loads and easy cleaning, protected area for barcode label holders, vertical lifting slots and centering holes, and are RFID compatible. The LTF is a special projects container that requires a 1,000 minimum quantity order.

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ELB Light Container Brochure

ELB Light Container
ELB Light Container
EF Euro-Fix Containers
EF Euro-Fix Containers
LTB Heavy Duty Straight Wall Containers
LTB Heavy Duty Straight Wall Containers
MF Containers
MF Containers
LTF Medium Duty Straight Wall Containers
LTF Medium Duty Straight Wall Containers

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