Returnable container logistics in book wholesaling

With 160,000 containers from SSI SCHAEFER, book wholesaler KNV has successfully implemented a returnable system for order picking and distribution. Despite a newly designed custom container size, the initial equipment was supplied within six months. Result: a 20% increase in performance, standardised processes and options for further automation.

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The returnable container system with its new plastic containers and covers from SSI SCHAEFER has now been successfully established at KNV. Since then, two thirds of all orders have been dispatched to bookstores in returnable containers.

Over 60% of KNV customers are now relying on the returnable container system; and the trend is growing. They have realised that standardised containers simplify processes. For KNV, in addition to the economic gains such as greater flexibility, time and cost savings, it is primarily the environmentally-friendly aspects and the excellent customer service that are the real winning factors. "A returnable container system is the way to go", summarises Dr. Frank Hinz, Head of Logistics at Koch, Neff und Volckmar GmbH (KNV), Cologne, Germany. "As far as we are concerned, the expectations for the returnable container system from SSI SCHAEFER and future options offered by the system, have been realised in full."

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