Hans Hess Autoteile GmbH has expanded its main warehouse in Cologne with a 3-storey modular shelving system including integrated conveyor technology. At the same time, the warehouse of subsidiary company Motair Turbolader GmbH was equipped with a 2-storey platform construction in the same hall complex.

SSI SCHAEFER designed and equipped a custom, made-to-measure warehouse for both companies as part of an intensive collaboration. The hall sections were interconnected using conveyor technology as well as a fast-running gate. A pallet warehouse for interim storage and a connected 3-storey modular shelving system is housed in the first section for Hans Hess.

The existing automated conveyor technology was integrated into the system on request. At Motair, a 2-storey platform is used to store 40,000 parts. To protect delicate components, the intralogistics specialist strictly segregated the clean area from the dirty area and marked these in colour.

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