R3000 Heavy Duty Schaefer Shelving Units were developed to cover all your warehouse needs, including high bay load capacities and multi-tier mezzanine applications.

This modular shelving system can be expanded to four levels using basically the same components as in a single-level installation. Thanks to a vast range of accessories, it is also the most customizable shelving unit available, the only one that can truly change and grow with your company needs. The R3000 Heavy Duty Shelving removes the classic distinction between modular shelving, longspan shelving and cantilever racking; one system to store everything. And the boltless installation makes set up a fast and hassle-free process. All sizes available in stock, ready to ship for fast and quality service. For assistance buying R3000 units, please download the R3000 Buying Product Guide, or contact one of our Customer Service Representatives.

  • Double box post configuration for maximum loading capacity, up to 10,000 lbs, regardless of height. 20 gauge steel parts
  • Pre-punched lugs on the posts allow for quick installation and shelf adjustment. No clips are needed
  • Shelves can load up to 1,000lbs thanks to the special box reinforced design and can be adjusted to tilt up to 12 degrees
  • Starter units include 2 side frames with top caps, 1 cross bracing set and shelves
  • Easy boltless-free installation. Frames shipped pre-assembled. No nuts, bolts or tools required

Shelving Specifications

The Posts
The Schaefer post is designed using state-of-the art roll forming technology. It is made using a double box configuration (1-3/16” x 2- 3/8”). The closed, galvanized seamless post is welded on the inside using a refracted welding process. The post can be manufactured up to 33 feet in continuous length, which offers significant structural advantages when used in multilevel applications such as the ability to create a catwalk at any point on the post.

Our industry exclusive pre-punched lug design allows easy insertion of a shelf in 2” increments without the aid of nuts, bolts, clips or any tools. The unique design allows the 20-gage post to achieve a capacity of 10,000lb. per bay regardless of height.

The Shelves
Two unique shelf styles are available depending on the capacity desired. Both box styles incorporate a lap and welded seam design with reinforced corners, which makes the shelves particularly strong and resistant to twisting.

The single box supports 600 lb. and the double box, the only one of its kind available on the market, supports 1000 lb. All shelves are slotted at 1-1/2” intervals for drop-in dividers. 

Shelves simply drop onto pre-punched lugs on the post. Our proprietary design permits the shelf to be tilted at a 6 or 12 degree angle simply by raising the back of the shelf one or two lug positions. A grey, water-based, baked enamel finish gives the shelf excellent durability and an outstanding appearance.

The Closures
Wire mesh, an industry exclusive, is made from 10-gage galvanized wire with a 2” square pattern. The force of the shelves holds both the back and side interior panels in so no nuts, bolts, or tools are required to install. The row ends and perimeter panels require clips and/or brackets.

Solid galvanized panels are made from 20-gage, corrugated steel. The side panels are of a two-piece design and the back/center panels are three pieces to reduce shipping costs and increase ease of installation.

The side panels implement a unique design in which pre-formed tabs on the panels fit into notches on the post. The interlocking corrugated back/center panels are held in by the compression of the back-to-back bays. Perimeter bays require brackets.

The Cross Braces
Cross bracing is required on the first bay and every third bay there after to increase lateral stability. The rod and turnbuckle style braces easily hook into slots on the post and require only hand tightening to secure them to the bay.

The Dividers
Dividers are available to sub-divide or pigeonhole the shelves. Both full and half height are available. Both styles are made from 22-gage steel with reinforced edges and tabs. Dividers simply drop into pre-punched slots in the shelves without the need for grommets, clips, bolts or screws.

The Drawers
Adding drawers easily turns basic shelving bays into modular small parts storage systems. They feature ball bearing roller tracks

for easy operation even when fully loaded. The 150 lb. capacity drawers are available in 4 inch and 8 inch heights.

Installation is quick and easy, as simple as dropping the drawer tracks onto the pre-punched lugs (a tech-screw is required at the rear). Drawers are painted dark grey.

The Bin Fronts
Bin fronts are used to keep loose or small parts from falling off the front of the shelf and are required when tilting the shelves. They are available in heights of 1-1/2” and 3-1/2”.

Bin Fronts are made from formed steel and install by dropping onto the front of the bay. Again, no tools or hardware are required.

The Doors
Lockable, double swing doors are offered in two sizes, full height (82-1/2” for 85” bays) and reduced height (72-1/2” for mezzanine applications). Doors feature a recessed locking handle and are easily adjustable.

Made from heavy gauge steel, the doors install with only four screws. Finish is a grey, hammer baked enamel finish.

Additional Accessories
The RT3000 Shelving System accommodates the broadest range of accessories offered to meet your changing needs without a substantial reinvestment. It is the foundation for the most sophisticated range of options available, including many designed for automotive applications.

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