Track-free Mobile Shelving System can be easily built on virtually any existing surface.

The Trackless Mobile Shelving System from SSI Schaefer solves the need to increase storage space for light to medium weight materials without affecting the floor surface. The mobile bases are moved together using a crank or a single motor, meaning that just one single service aisle is required for easy access to all stored goods. The large number of racking aisles saved this way will lower your costs significantly, because this solution reduces the floor area required for the office, the workshop or the warehouse, thus avoiding expensive plant extensions and optimising your internal processes greatly by shortening travel times.

The carriages are moved manually with the aid of a crank and a gear ratio adjusted to the loads carried. In the “track-free“ system, drive is provided directly by the castors on the floor. They are guided at the rear by a small dowelshaped profile. This system requires no ramps or infill floor, saves on assembly time, is cost-effective, and has proven to be useful when changes happen such as a move or extension.

Trackless Mobile Shelving Advantages

  • Ideally suited for special floors or for heated floors
  • Lower installation costs
  • Storage space that is temporary or needs to be relocated

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Trackless Mobile Record Storage
Trackless Mobile Shelving

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