Weasel Automated Guided Vehicle

The new Weasel® can transport boxes, totes or a variety of other goods through your premises flexibly and easily without a conventional conveying system. It masters almost all transport tasks – goods are transported to the intended destination safely and without access restrictions. What's more, this is achieved with low purchase and operating costs. The automated guided vehicles navigate along an optical track that can be installed quickly, easily and in a flexible manner.

With the Weasel automated guided vehicle (AGV), SSI Schaefer offers an innovative solution that is equally impressive in terms of its flexibility and scalability. Changing customer requirements and fluctuations in demand can be managed at any time, both cost-effectively and at short notice.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Weasel®

Weasel - Quick And Flexible

Standardized control software permits use regardless of the customer – there is no need for any complex installation and customization work. As a result, short-term scaling of the system presents no problems.

The transport orders are generated by your in-house material flow system. A fleet controller manages the orders and assigns them to the relevant vehicles following release. The Weasel vehicles are equipped with a control system that executes the orders based on specified way points.

  • The Weasel® is navigated on optical tracks
  • Pickup of a variety of loads using the Weasel®

Integration And Combination With An Existing Conveying System

By deploying small vehicles, even inaccessible zones can be put to good use. The Weasel transports bins, boxes or small parts of varying dimensions, and can be combined with a conventional conveying system. Special handling systems are used to load the Weasel and then deposit its cargo via docking rails back onto the conveying system.

  • The Weasel® navigates on optical tracks
  • Loading: The Weasel® receives goods from the belt conveyor
  • Weasel® column on the conveying section

Product Features Of The Weasel®

  • High flexibility due to optical track guidance and scalability
  • Barrier-free transport of totes, bins or heterogeneous products
  • High availability thanks to lead-gel batteries requiring no maintenance
  • Option of automated connection to internal material flows
  • Easy to integrate into existing systems
  • Options for sequencing and overtaking
  • Small size enables use even in inaccessible zones
  • Designs of different heights for optimum ergonomics
  • Manual and automatic loading and unloading
  • High level of personal safety without complex sensor technology
  • Cost-effective purchase

Benefits of the Weasel®

The Weasel automated guided vehicle stands out from traditional conveying systems due to a range of advantages:

  • Barrier-free solution that does not require a lot of space
  • Gentle and safe transport of sensitive goods
  • Trayless transport of the heaviest goods, in various sizes
  • Easy sequencing of your transport goods
  • Easy to handle peaks in performance
  • High flexibility with regard to system customisations and extensions

Key Technical Data

  • Transport weight of up to 35 kg
  • Transport unit size: 120 × 120 × 45 mm – 650 × 450 × 510 mm
  • Small vehicle dimensions (L×W×H): 810 × 420 × 285 mm
  • Optional structure for ergonomic manual loading and unloading
  • Operating times of up to 18 hours
  • Power supplied by lead-gel rechargeable battery packs with quick-change frame and external charging cabinet
  • Optional recharging stations for three-shift operation
  • Speed of up to 1 m/s, dependent on load
  • Acceleration of up to 0.8 m/s2
  • Vehicles have 1,000 mm turning radius
  • Can climb inclines of up to 20 percent
  • Can be used in the temperature range between 5°C and 50°C

IFOY Award - Intralogistics Solution of the Year 2016

Besides the high customer value the key factor in the decision of the jury are the low investment costs of this AGV solution. This system is especially beneficial for companies and start-ups whose business fields and capacity requirements tend to change at short notice.

  • IFOY Award
  • IFOY Award Group

Customer Testimonial

The Weasel stands out from traditional conveying systems due to its flexibility. "Constantly changing fashion trends and fast changing fashion lines challenge logistics considerably," says Dieter Urbanke, CEO of Hermes Fulfilment. "We can adapt our processes to the requirements in the fashion industry and the growth of the retailers."

Weasel Automated Guided Vehicle at Hermes Fulfillment
Weasel Automated Guided Vehicle at Hermes Fulfillment

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