Our tested and certified Polyethylene Carts are resident-friendly and proven in the field.

  • Safely secures garbage, food, and scents that attract bears and other wildlife
  • Can be easily wheeled by all ages to curbside and driveway pickup locations
  • Aesthetically designed and easy to clean
  • Compatible with semi and fully automated pickup systems (lock must be unlatched) *Works with Both Euro and North American Tippers
  • Available in various colors and sizes

The new Residential Street-Side trash can features reinforced steel hinges and a lid reinforced with steel so a hungry bear can't pry it open. The reinforced steel hinges are designed to resist bears and normal wear and tear. This 96 gallon container is bear resistant. It can be anchored into cement and be stable or it can roll to and from the house on garbage day. These are being used in Alberta, Canada and in New Jersey. These cans are a great bear deterrent and extremely affordable.

Living with Wildlife Foundation tested the 120L and 240L bear resistant carts and concluded that they are able withstand 60 minutes of biting, clawing, rolling, and crushing by a captive grizzly bear at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Montana.

The testing program utilizes captive grizzly bears housed at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Montana to determine the relative "bear-resistancy" of the containers. Testing consists of baiting containers with foods that are new and interesting to the captive test bears and then giving the bears an opportunity to gain access the containers' contents. The bears roll, crush, bite, and claw the containers and use their claws and teeth to try to compromise latches, hinges, handles, and seams.

The bears that test these products learn new techniques for accessing the containers over time and teach the other resident bears new techniques. The testing process is therefore very rigorous. Manufacturers are learning that in order for their products to perform well during product testing, they must make additional modifications to their products - especially to the latches and handles - to prevent the bears from gaining access. This in turn leads to a gradual overall improvement in bear-resistant products entering the marketplace.

  • Bear-Resistant Waste Cart
  • Bear-Resistant Waste Cart Lid

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