Durable, one-piece design means you spend less time, effort and long-term expense on maintenance over the life of these containers.

We are setting new standards for manufacturing integrity. Our patented rotational molded Unibody™ container line features integrally molded-in pockets and hinges. Available in many sizes, the innovative design embodies true strength, durability and quiet operation.

2-yard front load 1805C
2-yard front load 1805C


  • One-piece Unibody construction
  • Up to 50% lighter than steel containers
  • Substantially quieter than metal bins
  • Dent resistant
  • UV protected against damaging effects of sun
  • 100% recyclable
  • Custom colors available
  • Custom permanent logo available
  • Lock bars
  • Drain plugs
  • Various caster styles available


  • Won't rust or leak
  • No painting required
  • No weld repairs
  • No bottom replacement required
  • Stackable for easy shipping and storage
  • Easy to clean and graffiti-resistant

Unibody Poly Containers

Containers Ranging in Size From 1 - 8 Cubic Yards

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  • Containers Ranging in Size From 1 - 8 Cubic Yards
  • Product Specifications
  • Color Options
4-yard front load 356C
4-yard front load 356C
4-yard front load 301C
4-yard front load 301C
6-yard front load 700
6-yard front load 700


  • Restaurant waste
  • Food/Organic waste collection
  • Noise sensitive areas
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Push outs
  • Humid, tropical environments
  • Agricultural applications
  • Front or rear load collection

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