SCHAEFER fully automated Eco-Tainer Litter Receptacles (ELR) and Eco-Tainer Recycle Receptacles (ERR) have just been elevated to the most innovative product for trash collection in the world.

Our contemporary design and state of the art superior rotational molding has exceeded the competition by utilizing a newer technology for today’s modern cities and facilities. These fully automated Eco-Tainer Litter Receptacles and Eco-Tainer Recycle Receptacles replace the outdated concrete and metal receptacles in Downtown City Streets, Retail Centers, Recreational Parks, Stadiums, Concert Venues, Hotels, Restaurants, College / High School Campuses, Convention Centers, Bus Stops, etc.


  • Fully automated service or manual service.
  • Double wall construction technology for superior strength and leak protection.
  • Available in 40 & 58 gallon capacity.
  • Zinc-plated and rust-resistant hardware.
  • Pedestal can be weighted for stability and security.
  • Safer and quiet design.
  • For interior and exterior use.
  • Available in multiple custom colors.
  • Receptacles can be cleaned with pressure systems.
  • 3 year limited warranty (under normal use).
  • Wheel free design to deter from excessive movement.
  • Seamless constructions eliminates cracking at seams.
  • HDPE products are recyclable.
  • UV protection to prevent containers from fading.


  • Fully automated gravity release latch
  • Bottle / can recycling opening
  • Full-color logo
  • Bag holder
  • Ashtray

Eco-Tainer Litter Receptacles
Eco-Tainer Litter Receptacles
Eco-Tainer Recycling Receptacle
Eco-Tainer Recycling Receptacle

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