A Greener Solution

At SCHAEFER, we understand that converting yard waste into a usable product starts in a homeowner’s backyard. So our Yard Waste Containers are designed to make waste separation easy and yield a cleaner, high-quality end product ideal for composting.

Proper Aeration

38 5-millimeter perforations on the sides of our containers help aerate organic waste thoroughly. This also generates heat to speed decomposition of organic material, and increases water evaporation, and reduces odors.

Maximum Drainage

Grating above the bin floor of our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) containers affords continuous water drainage, so waste remains above moisture that collects at the container bottom. If needed, the grate folds for easy cleaning.

Efficient Collection

SCHAEFER Yard Waste Containers can be picked up using standard refuse collection vehicles, equipped with either automatic or semi-automatic lifters. This not only increases participation, but also makes processing more cost-effective. Curbside collection is more expensive than drop-off but typically garners higher participation and diversion rates. The higher operational costs of curbside collection programs can be offset by:

  • Decreased disposal costs (tipping fees)
  • Increased landfill life
  • Potential revenue from compost and/or mulch sales

The Profitable Way to Recycle Yard Waste


  • There are 32.4 million tons of yard waste produced annually?
  • That 20.1 million tons are used for compost?
  • That 12.3 million tons are still land-filled?

* Dept. of Environment, US EPA


Inevitably, as our world population grows, so does our waste and dependence on landfills. But, one component of the waste stream actually offers an opportunity to make both businesses and our planet greener: yard waste.

Each year, yard waste adds 2.3 tons of material to landfills across America, prompting an increasing number of states to prohibit yard waste disposal in public landfills. Yard trimmings and food residuals together constitute 24 percent of the U.S. municipal waste stream. That’s a lot of waste to send to landfills when it could become useful and environmentally beneficial compost instead.

Composting offers the obvious benefits of resource efficiency and creates a useful product from organic waste that would otherwise have been land-filled. Fortunately, SCHAEFER offers a better way to turn yard waste into profits.

Reaping Recycling’s Rewards

Communities - In addition to reducing the impact on landfills, recycled yard waste from our containers is lighter and drier to help reduce pickups and transportation cost.

Composting Companies - Because our containers pre-condition waste, less time and energy are needed to produce cleaner, more marketable contaminant-free compost.

Homeowners - By separating yard waste from other refuse, homeowners can eliminate lingering odors caused by wet plant material and produce. Our attractive containers also maneuver easily over rough garden terrain.

Environment - Rather than add to the waste stream, waste converted to compost offers many horticultural and landscaping uses, including enhanced soil composition, replacing soil erosion, and serving as an ideal substitute for peat.

Our World. Our Responsibility. - We only have one earth, and now there’s one easy way to keep it green: the SCHAEFER Yard Waste Container. A better product for a cleaner world.

Yard Waste Cart Brochure

Proper Aeration
Proper Aeration
Maximum Drainage
Maximum Drainage
Our attractive containers maneuver easily over rough garden terrain.
Our attractive containers maneuver easily over rough garden terrain.

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