With today’s growing population, waste and recycling carts represent a substantial investment for municipalities and waste or recycling haulers.

WISTAR® is the next evolution of asset management technology designed specifically for the waste industry. Using RFID technology, WISTAR improves asset management and customer service so the word “waste” doesn’t define lost revenue or opportunities.

WISTAR® TechnologyOnly WISTAR® is backed by SSI SCHAEFER, the industry leader in logistics systems and automation. Our passion continues to shine through by setting the bar with 99.99% RFID cart deployment accuracy. WISTAR® understands RFID technology as well as what a successful turnkey waste management solution can do to drive operational efficiency and increased profits.

Imagine your waste cart assets being managed by a comprehensive life cycle system. Only WISTAR® by SSI SCHAEFER makes that possible.

Case Study: Industry Leading 99.99% Delivery Accuracy

Hillsborough County, FL

In 2013, SSI SCHAEFER partnered with Hillsborough County, FL on a project to deliver 330,000 residential roll-out waste carts. An order this size requires careful orchestration of experience teams from manufacturing and logistics, to assembly and distribution (A&D). Using WISTAR® in coordination with our assembly and distribution services, SCHAEFER was able to provide industry leading 99.99% delivery accuracy.

Dashboard view of WISTAR Software
Dashboard view of WISTAR Software

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