Are you looking for a solution for an order picking workstation that your staff can use to achieve maximum performance? If so, SSI SCHAEFER is the right partner for you. With our expertise in the fields of ergonomics, workstation systems, conveyor systems and warehouse automation, we are the perfect partner for the integration of manual or semi-automated order picking workstations.

  • Pick-to-Tote-Arbeitsplatz für Ware-zum-Mann-Kommissionierung
  • Behälter-Kommissionierung mit Pick-to-Tote


Container order picking

Our ergonomically optimised Pick-to-Tote workstation was designed for this task and conducts this goods-to-person order picking process especially efficiently. With clear user guidance and light grid monitoring of the target points we ensure the highest possible order picking quality.


Pole order picking

With our goods-to-person Pick-to-Bucket workstation system, the order picking of articles takes place at a rapid speed: Up to 14 orders can be processed simultaneously using our Pick-to-Bucket solution!

More information on Pick-to-Tote and Pick-to-Bucket can be found in the Logistics Systems section:

Ergonomics concept for greater productivity

Another special feature of our pick-to-tote workstation is the ergonomics concept ergonomics@work!®. A cleverly designed grab sequence from "top to bottom" reduces the workload. Contact surfaces made from touch-friendly wood applications cover cold metal and thus contribute to the productivity of your employees. 

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