Providing customised, cost-effective, high quality products without long waiting times: this is the challenge today's market puts before a company's competitiveness. But how do you eliminate waste, reduce throughput times and increase productivity? These are the topics discussed with regard to Lean Production.

In search for potential savings, "Lean Management" has proven to be an effective strategy to increase production performance while reducing cost pressure. The term Lean Production is not a standalone concept, but is rather a philosophy that strives towards eliminating all unnecessary work processes or avoiding waste in production through more intelligent organisation. A philosophy that SSI SCHAEFER has turned into a principle.

Lean Production

Based on the question: "What does the customer need?" the implementation of lean structures is the focus, using the Toyota principles as a foundation. Here the central approach lies in the value optimisation of the entire production system. The status achieved is then tested continually for further optimisation.

However, only a few people realise what lean processes and setting up lean processes along the entire value added chain really mean. At SSI SCHAEFER, we have the knowledge and the expertise. As a market-leading systems provider in intra-logistics, we offer solutions that are required for lean production. Whether you are a corporation, medium-sized company or workshop - we can increase your efficiency.

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