Montagearbeitsplatzsystem pick@work

The company Brockhaus Heuer GmbH, Plettenberg is expanding its workshop equipment with the newly developed, innovative assembly workstation system. The innovation: The pick@work system combines ergonomic workstations with pick-by-light and leads staff step by step through the work process via displayed instructions. Intelligent order picking and assembly strategies then ensure optimum process workflows and increased productivity, a perfect overview of the components being assembled, and ergonomics at the workstation. The workshop equipment was supplied by SSI SCHAEFER.

Our services, tailored to our customers' needs:

  • Order and flexibility thanks to the pick@work system
  • Coordinating assembly workplaces and component optimisation
  • Quick and efficient compilation of orders using pick-by-light systems
  • They achieve an enormous storage compression and reduce path and order picking times
  • Ergonomic workstations make work easier for your staff
  • Reduction in training times
  • Assembly work process expanded with the Touch Panel PC

"Heuer vices have always been manufactured solely in Germany, because "Made in Germany" is still a mark of quality. The powerful technology combined with the intelligent user guidance as well as work-friendly workstation designs increase the throughput rate and will in future ensure shorter training times of the complex work process. The new workstation will continue to provide these features and is undoubtedly a valuable addition to our production facilities."


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