Wind power systems have been produced at the small Westerwald village of Liebenscheid in Germany since Autumn 2008. Right at the Siegerland regional airport and just a few kilometres from the BAB 45 motorway, Fuhrländer AG moved into a new production facility and their new headquarters just a few months ago. Its product range makes this independent, unaffiliated company one of eight international manufacturers of wind power systems. Another key feature of the incorporated company: An integrated approach that includes not only an environmentally friendly range of products, but also the production conditions and the production environment.

"We operate in a modern, demanding business sector. For this reason, the design, equipping and atmosphere of our new production facility and administrative headquarters had to have the corresponding character, creating a comfortable working environment and ambience."

Joachim Fuhrländer, Managing Director at Fuhrländer AG

The contract for the outfitting of the offices in the production hall and the administrative building as well as for the new pallet and small parts store system in the production area was awarded to SSI SCHAEFER.

In the new administration building at Fuhrländer AG, 130 workstations were equipped with modern office furniture. The sophisticated overall design was realised with individually designed standard systems and intelligent custom manufacturing. Together with the shelving systems and components supplied for the warehouse in the Fuhrländer production hall, this created a comprehensive total solution.

Konferenzräume der Fuhrländer AG

This was not an everyday project for SSI SCHAEFER. The company Fuhrländer had very specific ideas and appointed an architect, Rudolf Sauerland, who was willing to turn these ideas into a building and an interior design with high aesthetic demands. In addition to several individually crafted items, such as a made-to-measure wall of cabinets in the company's visitor room or the counter and one cabinet in the reception area in the administration building, this related in particular to all the furniture, to be manufactured and supplied by SSI SCHAEFER.

In intensive discussions between the architect, the company and SSI SCHAEFER, the equipment of each room was carefully planned and the appropriate range of models selected from SSI SCHAEFER's office equipment catalogue. Ultimately, the visual features of the components were adapted to the design of the building planned by the architect and harmonised with custom equipment details.

Within one month, planning and final arrangements were implemented with the customer; six weeks were needed for production and one week for assembly.

"Every workstation was equipped with the same functional office furniture in number and system. On the one hand, the plan was for every staff member to be able to find their way around every workstation. On the other hand, we consciously wanted to avoid individual workstations being better or worse in terms of equipment, for example according to internal hierarchy.

Arbeitsplätze bei Fuhrländer AG

From management to mailroom workers, the same SSI SCHAEFER office furniture offers the optimum functional equipment for modern workstations.

The desks were selected from the Planova 2500 systemised range. In addition, there are work tables being used with a rounded tabletop and a 45 degree corner unit for the optional connection of additional elements. Additional features such as adding a level for a PC printer, flexible cable channels or cable ducts underneath the tabletop ensure that this table system meets the requirements of the EU Directive on work safety and screen workstations and opens up a variety of possible options. The rows of tables in the five smaller meeting and conference rooms are assembled from the Plantec/ST17 series. The special highlight: the concealed sockets. They are also recessed into the made-to-measure desks in the largest meeting room. Depending on usage, it can be used for 38 to 60 persons. In addition, two projectors are integrated into the room's ceiling.

The summary from our customer Fuhrländer:

"The design and project implementation as well as the quality and standardised visual impression of office furniture from SSI SCHAEFER won them the contract."

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